Test Preparation

High Success rates: Because of the strategies we use in test preparation we have a very high success rate for our students. We stand with each student and continue to help them through the process until they achieve success. Some have tried seminars and some have tried on line prep and failed to get their certificate after testing many times. For those who come through our class the pass rate is much better. Some like Steven tried 8 times going through seminar classes, but after spending a week with us he passed his Theory exam on the first try and his Code exam on the second. So we invite you to become part of our success stories.

Strategies: Other Test Preparations give computer classes only or Seminar classes only. We uniquely have both as well as small class and one on one tutoring. Some say that the test has nothing to do with what is done in the field. That may be because they have little to no field experience with which to draw on, but our instructor is rich in field experience, code knowledge, and test preparation. John at SE Technical can explain the codes and why we do the things that we do in the field to pass inspections as well as what is needed to pass the tests. This will bring the knowledge and understanding of the code into the daylight of what we have been doing in the field. We also help journeyman prepare for their Practical exam and no one else does that or could do it the way we do with a 100% pass rate.

There are thousands of practice test questions in our computer banks. These questions are arranged so that they take you through the code books and you are encouraged to highlight, underline, and tab your code books while going through these practice tests. Most of the questions have the code references with the answers.

There are often more tests than just one for several license categories. These tests are different in the information needed for each one. Our system helps the applicant to study for one test at a time which does not put the student on information overload but focuses on only what is needed for each exam. After success on the first one, the student goes on to prepare for and take the second or third. This is also a large part of why or success rate is so much better than all the others.

We also teach a very simple strategy for taking the timed tests. Because time is of the essence, we teach each student how to manage the time and most of our students pass the exam with time left over.

Questions: If you have questions our instructor is there to answer them. John is someone with experience and knowledge that can help to explain the hard things in simple ways. Our students call him even with code questions while they are working in the field. His expertise is a great resource to many.